The Sun

sunSo yesterday I was in my car passing by, you know, life (what i really mean is the 5th ring road), and I just happened to glance up at the sky, and there he was, you couldnt really avoid him!

He was like a HUGE orange circle just cut and stuck up somewhere in between the sky! he was AWESOME!

It reminded me of that story we are all told as kids, the one with the princess who wanted the moon and the jester or someone who got her the moon pendant in the end!

Well, that got me to thinking how simple the sun looked to just reach out to and pluck from the sky yesterday, almost like it was asking you to do it (you know like those realllllllly pretty flowers that no matter WHAT gardeners say WERE asking to be plucked!!) , and yet, unlike the flowers, it remains something we can not only never pluck from the sky, but something we can never even reach out to for real.

Now THAT got me thinking about the necessity of the Sun not being plucked out, my best friend had told me something recently about the sun and our distance from it  being the detriment of life, Pluto’s distance from it being the cause for him to be abandoned by the rest of the planets ganging up on him and ironically even Mercury, still in the gang and everything, not really being able to sustain life cause of the same! And then it struck me, but of course THAT’S why we can’t pluck it out! it sustains life you know. And you need it there burning away anything we call darkness, cause it is majestic light, not the kinds meant to be in our hands but the kinds meant to light our lives.

You did realize I began talking about dreams somewhere in the last few lines right? I mean we’re OFF the Sun! 😀 (yeas, even literally that is what this post is all about!)

So yes, that’s precisely what I have decided to look at sleeping with Jude Law as. One of those ambitions that light up so many millions of lives and simply empower them to live, from a distant height, distant enough so that it is able to reach out its light to enough people without burning anyone, but close enough so that it warms your soul :).

Yes, the Sun is indeed put there for a reason.

*P.S. I wasn’t implying that I was one of those millions who wouldn’t get my chance at Jude okay now? Lets not get things mixed up!



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