A little about the affairs of La Cœur.

”The woman who made me say yes when I wanted to say no, who forced me to fight for what she, quite rightly, believed was my reason for living, who let me set off alone because her love for me was greater than her love for herself, who made me go in search of my dream, who was often terrified inside but always courageous in her actions, who could love someone without humbling herself and who never, ever apologized for fighting for her man” – Paulo Coelho, The Zahir

This was the most realistic definition I had heard of love, true love before having encountered it. a few months after I read this, I met the first real love of my life.

Its been over 4 years since then and I am no longer with that love, but as I recall all that went by us, this little passage seems so apt to describe time, time that was and time that changed. This passage seems so comforting in its definitions and soothing in its contours. When i first read this line the only words that I could write in my journal to describe it was ‘wow’, and when I think of the love gone by, what I had and what I felt and what I experienced, all I can say is the same, wow.

Love, indeed it is the most precious gift given to mankind!

May the world’s creations, all find love always 🙂 ❤


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