The Nearest Ones

Here is something very close to my heart, probably almost as close as it gets. Here are 6 things so near, that I can almost not see them clearly. Here are 6 things that entered my life to forever change my priorities, perceptions, belief, attitudes, faith, and desires. Here are 6 things I cannot imagine a life without and do not want a life without. Here are 6 things that were the foundation to finding myself. Here are 6 things that I just realized are something like my everything.


I have learnt, forgotten, learnt again, un-learnt and learnt some more, with 6 of my favourite things, there was never any recess in life. there was never any break, never any pause in the process of progress. I love having learnt. I love having unlearnt. And as frustrating as it was, I love have learnt some more.

I can be what I can be today cause of 6 things, I can stand tall today and continue to move on despite all odds because of six things. I know myself and define myself today because of 6 things.

perseverance, forgiveness, 100th chances, solidarity, suffering and love.


                                                         – to my 6 pillars whom I cannot live without. 


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