Good Faith, 19th May.

The link above is that to a blog post I came across that I considered was a thought worth considering.

It is a well written post that hits exactly the right buttons in the right manner and makes you wonder precisely what the author wishes of you to do so in the exact manner that she does.

But for those of you who choose to skip reading it, it is about a lady nearing (if not crossed?) middle age who talks about how women of that age are often shrouded by Rowling’s ‘cloak of invisibility’, how they could walk out in broad day light, converse with quite a few people every single day, and yet for most people it is as though they never existed. There is, as she says, something about women nearing this age who are just crossed over and often never given one meaningful glance, one nod that salutes recognition , one moment of a thought or curiosity regarding them that stayed. She ends the post by imploring of Rowling to invent a ‘visibility cloak’ for such women so that people would finally SEE them, think about them, even for a moment, and their past and present, their stories, would matter to this world but once in a while.

Well, I don’t know if Rowling will ever see that or if she will have a way of somehow responding to it (although I bet if she saw it she would totally have a way of doing so that only she could come up with!), but I implore of you, each one who may perchance happen to stumble upon this post, to cast these cloaks of visibility out upon those around you once in a while.

It may not have to be older women, it could be any one, absolutely any one who you know personally or come across during your day tomorrow, someone who you know is barely thought about, or maybe just someone who you yourself would barely ever stop to think about, pause right there and extract your cloaks and cast it upon them with an acknowledging smile, a small chat, and just 5 minutes of your life where you stop and wonder about their story. Do it, it makes a difference.

I’d like to end this post by thanking the blogger who took the time to post the thought and all of you who are stopping to consider what you could do to make this change in someone’s day today, as long as people like this exist, I am sure that changes can be made in this world and it will, indeed, someday be a much happier place. 🙂


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