A piece of me.

Months have taught me to forget how to hurt, months have taught me to stop crying, stop disbelieving, stop giving up, to stand and march, no mater how heavy the footstep or how slippery the soil. 

But you bring out the worst in me sometimes. Anguish, pain, a destitute hollow filled with echoing damning silence.You can bring out the worst in me, and I keel. 

I cannot be without you today. I need you to be by my side, I need you and if I can even for just a little while today, I must be with you. Nothing good could come out of this solace I seek, but I need your voice to fill this silence, your touch to give life to a little part of me, your embrace to make me just breathe a little lighter and the warmth of your being, to sleep tonight.

I am sorry, but I  need you. You have a piece of me and I need you to come and close my heart up today. If you answer my call I will forever remember this night, and the comfort you gave my soul today. Do not leave me alone today. 

Do not leave me alone. 


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