That time of the day.

There always comes that time of the day, when the sun is setting, almost out of sight, the sky is still lingering in daylight and the moon has began to form in the day sky.

It is that time of the day that calls out to irony.

ImageYou have the Topaz of the day sky and the the Diamond of the night sky coexisting together in complete harmony, one bidding farewell and the other saying hello, but both seem content to be there, together, just for a short short while, sharing the pale blue mattress and abiding by each other on it.

There is just something about looking up into the sky at that time that clears your head and uplifts your spirit. I have heard somewhere that midst all the chaos and confusion that goes on within an individual, if you look right into the center, you find silence, and in that silence, you find peace and you find healing. The sky at that time of the day sure is a healer, right in between the bright day and the dark night, you have that little time, the middle of the day, a time created to bring the both together and show that neither day nor night, is the master, but something, someone, greater than either.

Neither pain nor pleasure, neither woes nor joys, neither hysteria nor order, is the commander of your being, you are.

Take a few minutes off your day around late afternoon to look at the sky tomorrow, and you will find something within clicking into place.


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