Bink’s Sake

Well, this seems a good a week as any for me to share a little of my favourite things here!

So I’ve decided to keep posting things I love here for the remainder of the week, the first was the poem, It somehow never grows old with me ! 🙂

Below is the song I wanna die to, it is from the anime series One Piece, not only is it an erroneously upbeat death tune, but it is a tribute to life itself, which in my opinion is the best way to go. I’d like to think that death is yet another journey into the unknown, new waters to wade and new lands to conquer, when I leave this world I don’t want to leave on a somber tone, I want death to (as insane as it could sound!) remind people of hope and faith and the beauty of life.

The song is a tune sung by the Rumbar Pirates, a crew that was home to pirate Brooke, the pianist. The crew had a pet whale Laboon they picked up along their journey but had to drop behind at a point, promising to return once they had conquered the seas of the world. Laboon always danced merrily to Bink’s Sake and so it became the favourite of the entire crew. As time came to pass, there came a day when the entire crew fought enemies who had poisoned weapons, following which they knew that they were dying. However, Brooke who had the power of a Devil’s fruit, knew he would have a second shot at life and would be resurrected as soon as his soul found his dead body. Brooke asked of the crew to sing for the last time, their crew’s favourite tune so that he would record it and play it to Laboon one day. And so is the song they sang merrily as each Rumbar pirate dropped dead, one by one, reliving the sweetest joy of life and the fondest of their memories, with a nakama (comrade) by their side, pride in their hearts and hope in their souls. I couldn’t think of a sweeter tune of death.

Also in this song, I find beauty and metaphor, there are several times through the series that it is played in various different ways, in a group, in solo, on a merry or melancholy note,  and with each version I find that my heart sways to the tone of the mood. And it reminds me, that our reality is what we choose to make of it, no matter what may happen, it isn’t about the song, it’s how you play it.



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