Three Cups of Tea; War, Peace and Naruto.

Growing up, war was a thing of history and political science, later it became a concern of Literature and then philosophy, I am aware that all of the following fall under the canopy of ‘humanities’ but till quite recently I never was able to somehow view it from a ‘humane’ perspective.

Over the past month I have seen not two, but three sides of war, that of those involved in the battle and that of their families back home, and nothing about it, NOTHING felt right even for a second.

Sure, every war has its own ‘reason’, when we are taught as kids to be proud of our soldiers for keeping us safe, or to be thankful to those who give their lives, so that we can live in peace, I wonder now, why don’t more people ever ask, is it really worth giving away lives for?! I mean I get it, war has been the most but ‘natural’ thing to human kind since well, forever, but there is nothing more UN natural than taking away someone else’s life, be it in the name of patriotism, religion, or whatever the cause!

I don’t mean anything against my country now, I’m as patriotic as they come but I think that a country is made of its PEOPLE and not its geographic boundaries or religious balances, and killing the people of my country is NOT something I want so that I can live a ‘peaceful’ life. I am not ungrateful to those soldiers who laid down their lives for my country, I am not! But am I questioning the cause? Hell yeah!

I know that may come across as being ungrateful for the martyrs of my country, but it’s more than that, it’s about the future, not the past.

They do say (the people who say such things) that the past is what defines the future, and sure, in the past all our countries have had triumphs and defeats, all of us(well, mostly!) have had bondage, slavery and a fight that rescued us from it all, a fight where lives ‘had to be given’ so that we could live how we do today. Will those lives be revered and honored forever? YES. But huge call as it may be, that era could be over. Maybe, just maybe, that is what we need to learn from the past, not that we fought great freedom struggles and won ourselves great independent nations but that way way way way too many lives were lost in those battles, lives of your countrymen, lives of other ¬†countrymen, but the lives of human beings.

Utopian as it may sound, we claim to live in the 21st century, the age of the ‘new’ and the ‘revolutionized’, why are we so blind that we can’t respect one of the most SIMPLE gifts of life, LIFE itself! This is not a change that one nation or community can make on its own, it is a far greater cry that the whole world needs to take heed to. A cry to stop the bloodshed, a cry to seriously, stop being so SELFISH!

War isn’t selfless service of multitudes of men and women, war is the absolute epitome of selfishness, of the other men and women who sit by and let it happen. Who give our people away to be slaughtered because a boundary was crossed, or a religion was being talked about too much, or because, the worst of them all, revenge.

This takes me back to Naruto, and the great war of the ninjas, at the center of which is one ephemeral question, if it is one life for another, how does this cycle ever stop?! When Naruto was asked this question by Pain aka Nagato, his answer was a book, one written by their common master, one inspired by Nagato but one which gave birth to Naruto, and the future which they both had a part to play to change. And today, be from a manga as it may, that is my answer, a book.

That is what Three Cups of Tea has truly opened my eyes to, not an answer to merely halt war for today, but for the seed of peace to be planted into the future, the children of tomorrow.

Sometimes I fear, I fear science, because it gives out ‘truths’ labeled ‘facts’ and one such thing I have learnt is how war is a necessity, how anger and violence is an absolute to humankind. If science condemns you to this eternal damnation and sucks away any hope you may have for your children’s future, then I don’t want anything to have to do with it!

Since time begat humans, they have been constantly trying to ‘develop’, but if they open their eyes for just one moment to this ‘developed’ world they can see that this world has truly turned into one of those sci fi movies when some guy got so obsessed with power in his laboratory that he thought he was the God of the world and the only right was his right, like Pain, like Obito, like Madara, we have all lost sight of reality because of our ‘developed’ world. And reality remains that what we should be fighting against is not the other nation, the other religion, the other community, what we should be fighting against is war.

Science, technology, psychology, be as you may be, I believe in humanity. And that is simple, it isn’t always about how smart you are or what you can prove as a fact, sometimes all you need to do is open your heart a bit more, or maybe a LOT more!

War is no answer, do not bring your children up to believe so.


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