On Everything

Well, admittedly I have been lax in communicating with you lovelies the rest of my pivotal arenas of thought regarding the book I have been blogging of for the past 2 weeks, but over the past week I have been thinking, if something truly speaks to you, then everything somehow seems to become a part of the greater whole.

I recently watched a 2 year old Bollywood movie, No one Killed Jessica, and once again it brought me back to Three Cups of Tea and my messages of Good Faith.

The movie is about the callous murder of a young woman, Jessica, by a man who happened to be at a very high position in India’s capital city of Delhi. What was to be an open and shut case turned into a 6 year long battle which was finally acquitted, only to be raised up again by the media and pressurized by the masses to be judged justly.

The movie may have been very whimsical and well, happy ending binding as only a movie can be as compared to the so many lives that do not get such justice every single day, but it reminded me of one thing, which is more than a pretty happy ending story, which was, is and will be the truth I live amidst every day, that I do not belong to a nation without hope. I do not belong in a nation who is afraid to stand up and fight, I do not belong to a generation devoid of common sense or complete lack of knowledge about the blinded lady of justice. I do not belong in a world too crass to see past their own needs, I just am in a world where people give up too easily.

Fighting against, is often taken as a tawdry show devoid of any tangible effect, especially in a country such as India where there are so many demons we have to strike swords with at every corner every single day. I have often heard people say that what is the point when any real situation that goes between two flashy headlines is merely incapacitated and trivialized. I have seen and heard so many questioning the brewing storm within individuals who ‘can do nothing’ for a ‘country whose every portent lacks a sliver of hope’.

And to them I would say, it is they and ONLY they who are mistaken. And no, I do not get this from a 2 hour movie, I find it within me, and I know that within human beings there is a lantern that can be used to create a feral fire, with just enough oil. I take it upon me to ignite, what is your role in this, or any country that you belong in?

Battles are often lost, but it is important that we remember that the war is not. That was so easy when you were on the battle field taking away and giving away lives, why is it so hard when it is a war for a far greater cause, how is it so much easier to lose hope and give up because battles are being lost every day? If you have such a dire need to protect your country’s geographic boundaries and religious balances by even giving and taking lives, why is it you can deem improving the quality of those lives hopeless just because you cannot fight harder?

Which brings me to the most pivotal arena, the lurid gem at the apex of this book, giving up and the only thing left to say being, NEVER give up.

When battles are fought there will be countless defeats, but who is to deem the war a lost cause? YOU are. YOU, the people of my nation, the people of all the other nations, YOU and only you are. So if you call the not happening card, you get, well, NOT HAPPENING! Remember NOTHING is about to matter when at the point when you lose a battle, you forfeit the war. Return home victors, and do it with no blood spilled, do it with the sword of education and humanity which has power far more immense than the tip of any sword or the fire of any AK 47.

I will ignite, what will you do my fellow harbingers of change?


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