Good Faith, 1st July.

At the very beginning I would like to start by making clear that in this post I may be a little swayed over by emotion and when I talk about ‘men’ and women’, I by no way mean every man and woman, just, well, a lot of them!

Generally my messages of Good Faith are to give faith and hope in the most obvious manners, but today I must digress from that path to a slightly different one, for I find an impertinent need stirring within my soul to scorn!

To scorn all you men in all corners of this world who think that women are your property, and all you women in their lives who let them get away with it! I scorn you both with EQUAL malice and distaste, for none wiser that the other!

Boredom has its own little repercussions, in my case one of which was picking up an insane Jude Deveraux 70’s romance novel (stuff, the like of which I quit reading way too long ago because it just seemed to annoy me on so many levels) my sister had borrowed sometime back from a cousin in her 30’s (who probably, by the looks of the book’s unhealthy physical condition, read it in HER teenage years!) and I must say, it was, amusing!

It really got me to thinking though, how little the world has truly changed. We may wear new masks, but we are still the same race of crazies deep within.

The book revolved around this ‘lost lady’ who needed to be able to stand her own and yet be immensely loved and protected by a man who truly wanted to do so for her, and a ‘man’ who was well, ‘manly’ and powerful and domineering and well, always acted as though she was his possession.

Precisely the two, what I personally think are problems, that I see so much around me even today!

So on your one hand you have these men, who act as though a woman were their rightful property of some kind. No matter how much we pretend that we are advanced there are few who truly move past this sensibility. For the same reason you find that a man still in love would still probably never be able to take back a girl who was once his just because she dated another man after him, his sense of ownership was defied, his goods were snatched away from him. Now they remain, soiled within another man’s territory, and they can no longer return to him as truly his own. Its like something really delicious but that was taken a bite of by someone else after you, and you don’t think you can eat it after that! To men, too many many men, women still remain property.

As for women, they play this impossible card of wanting to be here and there at the same time! Perhaps they think life is like a little Nicholas Sparks novel where you can place your feet between the borders of two countries and be in two places at once, but guess what lassies, IT ISN’T! You can’t be both extremely strong and extremely delicate at the same time! Graceful yet delicate, sure! Strong yet gentle, sure! But you can’t want to be WANT TO BE protected by a man and yet never really need it! I mean If I see a magnificent flower that I love, I would want to protect it with everything that I have, treating it like a delicate well, flower! that it is. However, suppose I see a wonderful monument, I would want to protect it as well, but not in the same manner! You can’t be a delicate flower and a glorious towering structure! You have got to choose!

And I know there are too many idiots who believe that the ‘true essence’ of a woman is being able to be both together miraculously and that is why most of you spend half, if not all, your lives discontent at something or the other!

If  you don’t want to be guarded with your man’s life, then he’s not going to guard you with it! If you WANT it, don’t hate on the man who tries to give it to you! I do admit everything must happen in balances, then stop wishing for over the top idiotic large scale fantasies and figure out what is your real desire!

As for you men, little needs to be said what a woman would think of you viewing them as your possession, although some may really like it, be sure that you would find a woman who would before trying to change one that you have decided to ‘get cause you think she is the one for you’.

I mean seriously let us both sexes just GROW UP already!

I am a HUGE romantic, do not get that wrong, but romance is not an idiotic thing, romance is something that touches your heart and sweetens your soul, it doesn’t have to be something far fetched and plain IDIOTIC!

I mean buy me a rose, works for me! But I know why it does! I like roses! I think they are the most beautiful flowers in the world and they smell wonderful! I do NOT require a line to go with it. Some women may, and that’s alright, but it is important to remember that that is precisely what draws the line between these two very DIFFERENT kinds of women.

I have seen silly girls pouring their hearts away to this one absolutely pathetic fella’ and I do NOT understand, how can they still want more of him when they do nothing but constantly cry over the pain this guy whom they ‘do not love’ gives them!? How can they, after constantly falling prey to his tidbits of attention despite all else they put up with from him, still blame him for being the person that he is and hurting their self image?! I am not a big one after all this ‘you make your own choices’ thing but really with this, you do make your own choices and as far as the old saying goes, it is worthy of being repeated, shame on you if you fool me once, shame on me if you fool me twice!

This weeks message of good faith is DON’T be fools, there is NO hope OR good faith for fools!


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