Beginning a blog was a completely inspired decision for me.
I always had a totally unreasonable dislike towards blogging. I wouldn’t have ever thought that I would maybe want to do it someday.
But earlier this year a couple of people asked me if I blogged after reading a few of my notes on facebook (I write a seriously abnormal amount of facebook notes!)and that was I guess when it struck me that hey! Maybe people just MAY sometimes want to read stuff that I have to say, even if its totally unrelated to them, even if I want to say it just cause I want to and it wouldnt matter if absolutely no one ever heard it!
I guess it was that point when blogging made sense to me and I thought just why the hell not!
That being said, I never tried to define my blog, to give it a boundary or framework to operate within, neither did I ever categorize my posts, for I wanted it to appear as real as my mind, as my life, jumbled, cluttered, a little of this and a lot of that.
I write because I have a voice and because I can, sometimes I feel like I should, but mostly it’s cause I WANT to.
My next few posts may be entirely personal records, yet I wish to write and make sense of this puddle I am in and perchance if any of you can relate it would be a worthy read.
Till then.

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