Back in high school I had read an essay where we were asked to make use of interstices, or the time in between any major tasks, wherein we were physically or mentally ‘free’. 

I love interstices! I feel like the thinking you do during interstices are often more thought provoking than hours of meditation or days of study. There is just something about a few random queries or seemingly pointless realizations that crop up in your mind in between two things of real ‘value’. I believe that your interstices are your true glimpses into the depths of your being, your unconscious, your subconscious, your heart and your soul. 

Interstices can be made use of with premeditated thought and action, but the best use would be to merely make sure to keep your grey cells running, to absorb a bit of everything around you and to instantly think of it from any context you choose to. We often find so many things about ourselves that we wouldn’t really think existed in these interstices.

An individual who truly makes use of his or her interstices in the above mentioned manner is often so much more certain of who they are, what they want and find the bouts of faith from the sum total of their environment, their past and their present to strike at whatever the next moment may hold for them with no effort whatsoever.

Interstices are gifts given to us everyday, and not making use of them is like ignoring the cries of your heart to give yourself a simple chance to enjoy your own company and consume the best of who you were meant to be. 

Give yourself a chance, use your interstices.


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