For one more day – Mitch Albom

I guess it’s pretty apparent by the physically worn out condition of this book that I have a long drawn out history with it. Image

I’m the kind of person who likes to go to a bookstore and pick out books at random, giving no heed to best sellers or famous authors (hence I really haven’t read a single book of most famous commercial authors!). So a day around 2 years ago I picked up this book, For One More Day by Mitch Albom.

It turned into one of those books I read when I got to college early, or when I had my lone breakfasts/cup of tea in the morning. Those kind of reads take me FOREVER to complete (and I am not a fast reader naturally either to top it off!), but the story of this book was even more bizarre because after a couple of weeks I totally misplaced it somewhere!

I know it’s weird but I never really searched for it for over 5 minutes, I figured it would turn up somewhere someday and I would read it then.

I guess you can understand by that that the book isn’t one of those ‘so-hard-to-put-down’ reads! I re discovered it a year later, began reading it another 6 months later and finally finished this totally TINY book last week!

It revolves a around a man whose entire life has fallen apart and is on the verge of dying but has a near death experience where he is given just one day, where all the moments in his life that he wishes to undo/understand are explained to him.

I don’t want to spoil more of the book for you, I’ll leave you with the knowledge that is it a light read, a not so bad read, and has a really nice ending!

I wouldn’t really have blogged about this book but I just realized yesterday that I am having my second shot at a life I thought I bid farewell to.

As eager as I was to leave this life behind, nothing ended as I would have thought perfect. I was not content with a single decision I made towards what I thought was the ending and I was ready to leave completely uprooting all that I built in 3 years.

Returning back was not a hard decision, no, neither was leaving, but it is everything that happened between, before and after these choices that were difficult for me.

There was so much that I owed myself and this life to do before I left, so much I never got around to doing! There was SO SO much I was leaving without pausing for a bit to simply appreciate while I had it. And as I look into all of this I realize that I am given one more day, well not literally but one more chance, to do it and do it RIGHT, to seize my opportunities, make the most of what I have and what I can do, become the MOST of what I can be and live this life the BEST I can! Here’s to that, and a second chance at it!

I’ll do it right this time around. I know I will.


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