Oh so versatile!


So happy birthday to me, I guess!
I always thought I wanted to get a tat before my 21st so last week I decided just why the hell not!
I wanted my tattoo to do 3 things, define me, not have an obvious meaning to the world and show/hide itself when required.
After days and days of seemingly unending contemplation I came back to the first word that came to my mind when I think of myself and my life, hexyle.
Im sure most of you dearies (besides my friends!) reading this are thinking you are at a scatter brain’s blog and believe me I can be a lot of the times, but not this time.
Hexyle is like a secret friary. Only known to a certain niche of people, those born into the destiny will find it, and the rest will forever wonder, never QUITE comprehending what it means.
The guy who inked me thinks its my late granny Hexiline’s nickname, hey, he wasn’t born to be a part of my friary so I wasn’t about to give him the secret code!
The code, my lovelies, is versatile. Positive, negative, complicated, difficult, a little insane, very suprising. The code is fearlesly being yourself.
The word, is hexyle.

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