I know it’s been long.

I know, and as much as my heart yearns to write my brain seems to have stopped giving out sufficient words. 

I apologize for skipping the Good Faith fortnightly post this week, it will surely be up next week :).

Being true to myself, I can’t seem to blog something so far away from my life and my mind just because, and life has taken me on a whole other course than that I had planned out for years and over the past few weeks I have been wallowing in the uncertain ocean of, everything.

I know my muttered promises of carrying you along with me on my journey have halted when it should have taken greatest form, but not having the ‘e’ alphabet functioning on my keyboard has a lot to do with this lack of ability to post, even depressing stuff!

So bare with me my loves, until I can get my keyboard fixed and push my life just a wee bit to jump start again and I will be back, with as pointless a post as I always have given you! 🙂

Keep me in your good thoughts, you’re in mine.



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