Good Fatih, 1st September

The month of September always passes me by as one of those months of inconsequential a value in the sum total of my year.

It does not hark summer, or winter, monsoon, autumn, or spring. It does not reek of the beginning of an academic/financial year and neither does it glower with the promises of a holiday to come. It is not packed with birthdays of too many of my close relations, on the contrary I am reminded that my birthday just passed by a month ago and I have a whole 11 more months for the next to arrive. September, oh you mundane, unsavory tidbit of the year, what does one do about you?

Alright, here is my plan for September, it’s my new year, just because I need a new year right about now, and I have decided to make a few resolutions, some simple and some a little bigger, but the best part about it is, I hope to indulge you in a good many of them!

Let us begin with a little photo time, each day of the week I have decided to take at least one photograph, of great or perhaps absolutely no value! And at the end of each week I will post the picture I thought was the most worthy to be blogged.

Personal relations herald a claim unprecedented in a life such as mine and in this little jungle of my life it remains for me each month to work on a relation I think seems worthy. At the month’s end (with permission from the other) I shall blog a little about each of these little people who constitute my world and why they light it so.

A something that I realize greatly annoys and yet influences me, are social media infused trends, hence a #socialnetworking (yeah, you see what I did there?) column will also be up on quirrk every once a month.

Besides these blog related changes, I have thought of a few updates that needs to be done in my personal life as well, switching shampoo brands, finding employment, getting the ‘e’ on my keypad fixed, reading a little as often as possible of any religious script are some off the top of my head right now.

But yeah, in case you were wondering how this falls into a good faith message, the message is change.

The other day when I came to this internet cafe to blog (how my little quirrk helps me on so many levels!) I noticed some inspirational quotes stuck to the floor of this place, amongst them, one that caught my attention was the triple C outlook on life, at change, choices and chances, indeed three of the MOST necessary tools to live a fulfilled life, if you ask me!

Each day we give life a chance in some way or the other, and I am proud of each of us for doing so, just know that whenever you want to make a change, or take a different chance, make a scary choice, there is no wrong time, there is only time, which we deem right or wrong, changing, not passing, time as Coelho said in this novel Aleph.

You don’t need to wait till that new year kiss to make a new bunch of resolutions, any day you feel like it is a worthy cause to launch yourself.

Be brave, your soul has traveled across the universe and seen more than you ever would believe. Don’t be intimidated by it’s choices.


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