A happy place

Growing up, there was one sole event a year that I remember myself looking forward to with such great enthusiasm besides christmas and the summer break from school, CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) Bible school, held by my church towards the end of every summer.

My church took up to hosting CEF based bible schools in the country every summer since the time I was 10. I attended them as a student, as a volunteer, as a fellow church member, as a family gig (literally!) and above all, as a Christian.

I suppose I haven’t mentioned it before, but I have a very large family, scattered all over the globe, and a very good portion back in Kuwait where I was raised (almost all my immediate family infact!). As a part of the church hosting the event my entire family was quite tied up during the last couple of weeks of the summer with a million and two things to get done for the bible school, uncles, aunts, my folks and even the kids really (cousins and sibling), the energy seen during those weeks were untold of, working for the Lord, some of them called it, for us kids it was just about being together nearly every night of the week.

My father, being the computer wiz that he happens to be, would be the center of a LOT of the work to get done, and my mom, but naturally, the perfect Mary-Martha host. Uncles of mine, other family friends from our church, I don’t remember a year that passed by without a jam packed house every single day during the last weeks of August.

It was an odd feeling, going out into the audience and sitting knowing pretty much every thing that was going to happen, it felt strange, but a good strange. My favorite part I guess, was the music. It was fun to sing my heart out in a crowd so unknown sitting next to hundreds of complete strangers who I suppose I would never see again in my life. My heart found solitude in many of the songs, I connected with something that I believed was so much greater than I. When we were lead into singing with ‘Thankyou Lord’ or ‘Prince of Peace’ (my personal favorites!) the small congregation seemed to dissolve around me and all that would remain was me and the power that was leading me to goodness, to purity, to warmth, to greatness, to something quite overpowering and phenomenal that I don’t suppose I can describe in a few words, it was a good feeling.

There were acquaintances I made at this Bible school, especially towards the last 3 years, very very unique encounters that I shall keep for a whole other story! There were interesting semi-friendships formed that till today I look back at with nothing but wonder and amusement, but it all seems to make sense, for that was a wonderland, a place away from reality of everyday life, and that nothing of that dimension makes sense to me in the real world, seemed to make perfect sense.

It was a magical week, a week dedicated to a God, to a church (one of the few fond memories I have of the same), to family, to new things and old ones in new ways, to music, to learning, to some inspirational messages, 8 years dedicated to a little niche I shall carve in my heart, a shelf only for memories of those weeks, an extremely happy place.

I do still wish the CEF ministry all over the world the very best for the change they brought to my life is something that can never be tampered with, no matter what may change within. Keep changing lives the way y’all do! 🙂

links of the songs mentioned above:


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