Te Amo – Dum Maro Dum

Alright so here is something I don’t generally do!
I know my music related posts are always related to the medium of the good ol’ Anglo Saxan heritage but today, I thought why the hell not something from my own land’s sounds?
This is an insanely beautiful Hindi song from the movie Dum Maro Dum and although I have heard the song hundreds of times (went for the movie, first day first show and what-not!) I must confess I never quite paid any lyrical attention to it before until I heard it on the radio yesterday.
There are severely a very few non-English songs I can relate to but this has to be one of them. It is both poetic and soulful and flows into perfect form when sung, and I find bares a lot of personal meaning for me.
I hope you guys can enjoy it as much as I do, and for those of you who want a translation, here is a half decent link (though the pallid translation really does kill it):

*P.S. note that I have refrained from posting the song’s official video as I didn’t want y’all side tracked by hot Bips (I already see so many of my friends groaning! I LIKE HER! DEAL WITH IT!)



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