Photo of the week – 2


This entire week all my camera found were pictures of Ganesh idols all around the city, and streets strung with colour, booming with prayers and music and ofcourse, the dolakh.
However, I thought the most important few hours I spent were clearing and doing up my room. I stumbled upon several curios of intimate value including a touching goodbye letter of an old friend, my favorite 13th birthday Jerusalem Bible made of olive wood, bookmarks and calenders of Bible school right from 2003, an inspirational book which I had tossed in a corner and forgotten to read, and memories of an old goodbye bash.
It was a few years ago, and right before I shifted out of the campus hostel, I spent a wonderful final celebration with my ladies who were asked to fill up the 70 odd sticky post-it notes I had thrust on every empty wall and wardrobe space in my room with memories of our bitter sweet year together. I carried them with me through several different settlements but never got around to putting them up as I’d planned, till a couple of days back that is.
So I chose my favorite few memories, glued them together and up they went on my wardrobe to remind me that there are few relations more heart warming and timeless than sisterhood.
There you have it folks, my photo story of the week! 🙂


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