Nay’ beauty

She didn’t think herself beautiful, and she thought right, in my opinion.

For beauty isn’t merely what one can see at the first head-to-toe but what one can know on the first heart-to-heart, and she didn’t have it.

She was constantly falling prey to the conundrum of what I’m not, as opposed to what I am, forever seething the unnecessary depths of what I can’t do and can’t be, in stark contrast to what I can do and how I can be. She was forever trifling against the bark of I’m not enough in compared to the forest of what I am, she wasn’t enough of course, and who am I to judge? Someone who knows. Perhaps not all, but knows enough to say that that isn’t beauty. Beauty is knowledge, beauty is confidence, beauty is acceptance, beauty is humility, sure, but it will never be insecurity, it will never be fear, it will never be false modesty, it will never be countless barriers opposed to what I cannot be but wish to be, overlooking what I AM AND WHAT I AM BLESSED TO BE.

NAY, that ain’t beauty sistah, and you ain’t ever gonna be beautiful that way, and guess who can change it? Wanna take a wild guess?


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