Good Faith, 25th September – A way of Life

So as you all know, my previous message of Good Faith was about the compassion games, of which I’m ecstatic to say I was a part. It was the most exuberant, invoking, awakening experience upon my downtrodden life!

I was a part of the 11 day Secret Agent mission, wherein each day a mission was handed over to us, beautiful, cleansing, thought provoking missions at that. I will be honest with you, there were a few missions that I did not carry out but I was able to in some way comply with most of them.

Initially for me it was about being a part of something that was of a greater good of which I was a link in the chain. However as time passed by I began to realize (with that and a couple of other projects I have been carrying out) that it doesn’t merely have to be about carrying out a few heart warming deeds in a day or week, it could be a whole new way of life, an entirely new life.

This realization left me gasping at the sheer labyrinthine my life had been around a larger whole until just this very point where I understood my calling. A calling. All my life I had lived thinking we could each have just one central calling around which all our other passions, desires and ambitions circled. I had had this calling of mine down since I was around ten, so I just lived to accomplish it best any way I could. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I came to see that I am first and foremost answerable to a universal calling, around which any central calling of mine must revolve.

This universal call of goodness, I wish not to master, but to live a slave to. I want no rights that give me justice to not serve her, I want no great return, for I am a slave, one who need have none.

I cannot implore of you each to listen to the sound of this call, all I will do is tell you that it exists. It exists all around you and are you to open your heart to hear it, are you to open your mind to listen, there is, not in vestigial amounts, but an immortal fountain of resources within you to answer her, to serve her, and that which you do not have, you can always draw upon, borrow and learn from the millions of other links in this opulent chain of service and compassion.

I realized that life is too short to find all the keys to conquering the universe. I would rather live a slave to serving mankind and go knowing I have completed, not merely grazed upon the reason that I was created. This is no end, merely my scintilla, my tiny spark that will someday bring to ashes all the venomous thoughts and jaded emotions when it rises to an all consuming, feral forest fire.

For this, I await.


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