Hello my lovely readers!
Yours truly is back again to fill your heads with sweet, well, somethings!
I thought that I would be getting back with some sort of epiphany to talk about you know, back with a bang and all of that, well, besides the fact that if I would have waited for that odds are I would have waited near forever, it remains that today I recieved a new follower, my very first since I stopped blogging.
Well, I believe in signs, don’t you? So here I am. If the world wants to listen, Soumya writes.
Actually I write even when the world couldn’t care less but oh whatever!
I just wanna end this little note by thanking those of you who still checked in every single day, it’s a joy knowing you have something to come back to.
So yeah, once again, sorry for the lack of epiphany(-ness?, sounds cool innit?!) and see you soon lovelies!


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