Good Faith, 13th October

I am writing this column today primarily for myself, because I need something to believe in right now.
I’m told that I am young, very young, and that I have all my life ahead of me to dream, to fail, to learn, to grow and to accoplish. Pretty darn cool I suppose, eh?
Only it isn’t.
Cause I don’t feel I have all my life to keep failing. Or learning. Or growing.
People always say you become wiser with your failures but right now it seems to me like the only thing that happens as you grow is your ability to dream diminishes.
What enabes me to go on is simple, baby steps. So, I am gonna force all of you to do this, make an inspiration box.


It just requires folding a large sheet into a cone, cutting the edges and folding them in. Leave inspirational messages for yourselves at your highs and draw from them at your lows. Thus you, talk to you. And remind you what it was like to hope and dream.


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