The best part of being human if you ask me (besides belonging to the same species as Jude Law) is the relationships we are enabled to form. Form, revel, endanger, endure and truth remains, often lose. However, that’s okay, relations aren’t always meant to last through and beyond our forevers, they are just meant to be.
When I was around 13 I remember reading in one of those spam-forward emails that there are three kinds of relations, ones that are meant for a reason, a season, or a
lifetime. Since then I have always tried to understand where each relation of mine would fall, and it has been quite a wild goose chase before I began to accept that most relations, are never for a lifetime.
That being nixed but naturally I try finding a reason in them, the next life preserving option. Until I begin to realize that more often than not, the reason is nothing more than a sort of ineffable season of merriment, of sorrows being catapulted away from a deteriorating life, of strange dancing little links of a chain of warmth and glory purging into you, a season, that’s what most relations add up to.
I just wanted to post a little reminder to ask you to take some time off to love each season, even just for a fleeting bit.


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