Pickling ’em Good ol days

When one has lived a certain amount of time on this planet, one wishes to do the inevitable, to share.
To share with someone or perhaps many someones, the slender strands of their lives gone by that shapes a train of thought, that constitues the key to a chosen course of action, that perchance simmers into their thoughts when they shut their eyes cascading away their daily failures and replacing it with self narrated bed time stories of happiness, that is sometimes a silent humbling reminder of gratitude, sometimes their muse and sometimes little else but a welcome grenade to shatter the redundancy of the damp present and seemingly wet future.
Yes, after walking and experiencing an assorted array of what life offers, more often than naught one wishes to share.
Now I am not certain about the rest of you, but I wish to share for one prime reason, to let the universe know that I am grateful for the life gone by me, with all its trials and tribulations, all the seemingly erroneous decisions taken, I still see too much of beauty, if not in today, then in yesteryear, to not be grateful for. I still feel it dire that I fasten these days of beauty into more than my second to second deteriorating hoard of memories, that they are forever embellished as little starry trinkets of a grateful tribute to this universe. It is simply deserved.
So what does one do? How do we help resurface it, collect it? How do we preserve it? We pickle it.
We take a (let’s not go whack with the metaphors, but it’s gotta be sterilized and airtight!) container and drop our little delicate fragments of memories into it coated with something you’re sure will be strong enough to allow it from degenerating.
So it comes down to the container and the *magical* preservative.
In my life the preservative has to be simply a truckload, no wait, 20 years of trucks load full of thankfulness. For my container, I still wander from place to place, soul to soul, in quest of hunting my perfect *sterilized and airtight* container.
Et tu, mon ami?


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