Who Knew

Moments. That was all they were, moments frozen in my mind. And yet, they seem like so much more.

It was unusually cool for May that morning, or maybe the memory is just a tad hazy from the years gone by. We stood at the ledge waiting for time to move, just a little more, I remember urging it with my mind (futility perhaps). He looked at the flock of pigeons gathered near us and said “I can speak to them, you know”. And maybe that was his futile attempt of wilting the minutes, who knew. And upon my requesting to be granted the honor to witness this supremely lofty claim he let out a little whistle. A bird or two flew a little distance and settled further. “I asked them to do that”, he very well decided. Right.
It felt right. That moment, I got what I had always wished, the universe held still and I had a moment frozen into all of eternity for me.
Be careful what you wish for? I don’t regret it.

A little timeless pink to corroborate.


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