The red in red and the black in black.

I never particularly envisioned us linking paths as amis and strolling down forevermore hand in hand ecetera.
No, I didn’t think you had any part to play in the remainder of my forevermore. Perhaps you do not, but I suppose it is safe to say that yesterday was a kinda-sorta forevermore.
Look at me getting ahead of myself trying to place people in sockets (so what’s new?). Let me start from the beginning (the only REAL place to start).

High school (the forevermore dramatics enclaved shrine).
Best friends are something but he was something else. Intolerable. Incorrigible. If I could (as I most often could) I would (as I most often did) yank every last hair off his pesky little scalp. Juvenille to say the least, untoward, peevish, a liar of all sorts (almost a trade!), childishly stubborn, never had much in the way of examplary at the top stories, and yet, and yet, and yet, best friend of mine he was no less.
For all the minuses he was no doubt delectably carefree, optimistic, persevering, a jocund company like no other (wordsworthian no less!), plain fun.
Friendship never came easy to us, but the crux of the matter was that there just wasn’t any other way about it cause not being in each others lives wasn’t nearly as plausible as one would imagine. Needless to say every two months, we said ‘never again’ for a few months and walked away, but you know what they say about ’em paths, they’re always home bound.
And so was ours.

As we left high school commemorating our goodbyes from the odd airport glass (my mother did wonder how anyone not related to me by blood could possibly like me that much, ah mothers, the joy of their honest love!), the ‘never agains’ stedfastly transpired from three to six months and then from months to years. Lovingly baked brownie apologies became forcefully given store bought ones. Until somewhere along the road we realized the inevitable, that thing about paths you know, they’re home bound. And our homes were no longer with or anywhere near, each other.

Two years went by from that bus stand (departues have that irksome yet transcendent quality to seek out the drama in ma vie) and hullo, life made us speak yesterday. And laugh. And reminice. And laugh. And mock and tease and heavens test! And laugh. There was a lot of laughing.

And it was good.

I didn’t quite fathom it could possibly be but it was good. It sure as well could mean nothing much besides an arbitrary event of strolling down mem lane arms linked, but it was more. So much more. It may have been just the once, but it was a forevermore. I just realized that we may never again have what we once did and we may never want a future with each other in it, but what we had, and have, more than hovers, it imbibes. And it flows. Into a forevermore, our forevermore.

2013-10-31 00.16.12


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