Photo of the week – 4, The Sky below


So this week’s photo isn’t really the vast, picturesque, liberating stretch of sky that you see above but another sky, one that I saw sometime last year that jolted to my mind the moment I caught my self gaping at the pulchritude above.

I was highly upset and found myself walking home after college, the walk took about an hour and a half, just the right amount of time to fume and vent. Before turning to the last thirty minutes of what I’d like to term a viscious stroll, I happened upon a little mucky puddle on a beautiful pathway by the main road. I felt rather disturbed because there were tiny pink flowers toppling over a brick wall with gaity, a picturesquely laid out road and a glorious hue of natural sepia all around, and yet, there was that puddle. Distressing.
In all truth it was more than distressing. It was downright vex-worthy (word much?). It was plain wrong. It didnt belong, rhyme unintended. It didn’t belong in that stretch of dainty beauty and PRETTY (I know thats hilarious grammar, but sometimes one simply has to resort to such and such). So I looked down, miffed to say the least, and what do I see but a dusky verion of the picture above?!

The reflection of so marvelously serene a blanket sat in that muddy little pool of unevaporated rainfall. And it took my breath away.

It’s the same sky, sometimes the viewing glass is just a little mucky.


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