Good Faith, 4th November – The lies we tell ourselves….

So as you can deduce from the title this may not be very typically good faith-like, this fortnight’s message, but I try keeping it real and right now the reality of my faith seems a lot less than perfect.
I have been trying to write this from over forty eight hours with vestigial success rates. This time ought to be it, ten’s the charm innit?

I suppose I may as well get to the very IT of it. I’ve been thwarted. I have been thwarted and so has quirrk and it just angered me. And then it upset me. And then it confused me. It all became one huge ball of self doubt and acerbic half statements in my mind.

I mean, who am I?!

And then I just decided I don’t wanna know. I just want to be.

Whatever they think, they’re in err. Someday, I will cry for them. But not today.


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