DIY Origami Stars



So I thought I’d hold onto this till a week or so but then I thought hell no! I am not the pre planned blogger sorts and woe the day I turn into she, well not today amen!

Alright here’s something again VERY pretty multipurpose. I generally take interest in only gifting and decor related DIY, and am happy to proclaim origami mini stars in accordance to both! The how now I suppose, I must warn you, it’s painfully simple!!



Just to clarify any uncertain steps, after step 3 you fold back the little part sticking out and keep flipping the remaining strip like you see in step 4 until you get what looks like step 5. Then you fold in the little tiny remainder (step 6) and you pinch all the sides (step 7), and ta-da!

Too simple, right? I KNOW! I made nearly 100 of them last week just to stock up for Christmas :D! They are SO cute and can be used as gift bag confetti or can be strung together and used as decor!

Somethings you’d wanna keep in mind:
– Do not use very hard paper cause it gets difficult to pinch.
– When you start flipping, make sure all the corners meet so that you get a neat star with even edges.
– Also, when you start flipping, make sure you aren’t folding over too hard because you would want your star to turn out poofy.



Enjoy :D!


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