So I know the week’s been bludgeoned with heart break music vids, DIYs and reblogs, not much talking been happening, so I’m here to simply change that today, to just talk, not because I have something of irrefutable value to say but just cause I’ve missed talking to y’all! šŸ™‚
Which brings me to a few completley insane things and a couple of wonderful things I have been up to!
1. Planning the hell out of my sisters someday wedding!
I know it’s totally bizzare considering that she has neither marriage nor groom within the farthest stretch of her imagination, poor lady’s cramming her *ss off to get her masters in tech management (or something of a similar nature?), but nonetheless here Je is on this wild adventure (I call this wild adventure, can you FATHOM how dull my life must be?!) to ensure that when she DOES find a match and decide to tie the knot it better be God darn perfect! I figure I would probably be too caught up in a college or something then and since I have plenty time to kill these days just why the heck not see to the minutest plans?
This task however made me realize the humungous stretch of blanks that I need filled about the lady, I mean, back when I was fourteen I knew her through and through. But I suppose life happened somewhere along the way. I am on a get to know her again mission although I must admit her being a tardy watsapp correspondent is NOT helping! Yeah, I have great timing too I suppose, lived with the lady the past year and a half and never wanted to know her LESS, and now that she’s off the continent, oh how painfuly sisterhood must beckon! Ungh. >.<

2. Learning and perfecting a DIY each day šŸ˜€ and inventing celebrations to use them ofcourse!

3. Reading, reading, oh sweet leisurely reading! (Have two book reviews to blog about soon!)

4. Trying desperately to find myself a good course to enroll in for a while.

5. Catching up with a LOT of long lost friends who I got too lazy to bother talking to in the past couple years, and making a few new ones at that, silver and gold ecetera you know! I take special time to talk to people these days, not merely the courtsey hellos and replies and pointless gossip (I mean naturally there is still an IMMENSE amount of gossip!) but I actually try talking for talking to them. And I make it a point to discuss and discover something life/self related about someone I care about each day. I know that I have a maddening surplus of hours on my hands right now, but I want to make these the days I return to in years to be thankful for, for all I could realize and grow over this one PAINFUL and EVENTFUL year.

6. Speaking of gratitude there is but ofcourse the 21 day gratitude challenge I have taken part in, and told nearly all my friends to aswell!


I know, trust me to turn everything into one massive craft affair! But I have fun this way so shush! :p I will do an entire post dedicated to this over thanksgiving šŸ™‚
http://www.kindspring.org/21day/ All of you, sign up, PRONTO! It has just been two days but my grat journal is filling me with SUCH happiness, oh heavens, I do believe I’m swooning! šŸ™‚

7. Ex besties! I have mentioned how I have been trying to find and mend lost relations but these deserve a special mention.
As I have mentioned in a post way long ago, I have this quirk of completely cutting away people who do not work in my life and I in theirs anymore. These are always grey patches in my life. Unresolved. Complex.
A couple of weeks ago I actually for the FIRST time found closure to a grey patch. An old bestie and I talked out stuff sans drama and reached a wonderful conclusion that sure, things won’t ever reach you for me and me for you again, but we will become a new kind of friends, not half as close perhaps, but something to value nonetheless, just like the beauty of what we once had.
It was the first grey to white I have painted over in my life and I am positively toppling over with glee, all thanks to this old song that I always knew was super special! :’)
There is hope.

8. Ex boyfriends. Alright, this hasn’t been a very gleeful situation. Farthest from it. However picking up the pieces and moving on never made more sense than it does today. I wasn’t the girl to let the joy of being me and not we be fettered by memories. I changed though, don’t we all? I am trying to carry myself with valour through these multiple heart breaks I brought upon myself, some days hitch hiking with and somedays ignoring the looming overhead ghosts of exes long gone and moved on. It is a journey, I am growing.

9. NaNoWriMo, OFCOURSE! I haven’t gotten very far in my book but it has been REVIVING to try write a story after ages. I believe I am born for this stuff, heck I always knew that I just love feeling it every day!

10. Fretting over mystery cat! I swear there is a constant meowing about my room that I hope to serious God is from outside, it just sounds so close though! And I HATE cats! Has me brow beaten, this mystery meower.

That’s the long and short of it loves! How have you’ll been?!


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  1. Catz says:

    You HATE cats?

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