My my! It has been awfully quiet around here lately hasn’t it?!
I have had a pretty magical week actually (besides my two day fever stint that my friend was the biggest rockstar about and helped me through!).
I suppose it was written in the stars that we would meet. I am glad it was. I am eternally grateful that you found me and I, you.
I never dreamt you would exist but in the salient corners of my mind. I never even dared imagine how perfect this could be, but it has been, hasn’t it? If perfect ever had a definition, this has to be it.
I have come across a lot of like minded people in my life many of whom I have had the good fortune to befriend. You, however, are not like minded. You have my mind. And you can gather the essence of my words, my thoughts, and reverberate the very soul of me.
Where have you been all my life?!
I know exactly where.


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