Good Faith, 17th November

There are SO many things I want to explore with you’ll right now but as you know my good faith topics mostly arise from personal fortnightly experiences, and I would be kidding myself if I let on that this fortnights biggest challenge hadn’t been will power!
If there is one moment we KNOW can’t be put into words, it is that precise moment after subduing countless mental battles, when we decide ‘Ah! Screw it I just wanna do this anyway!’ And go ahead and let ourselves give in. WHAT happens to us at that point? WHY can’t we take a deep breath, be a mature adult and DO THE RIGHT THING?!
There are two kinds of will power trying situations.
The first are those when we SHOULD be doing something but simply can’t get regularity into the habit.
The second is when we SHOULDN’T be doing something, but oh heavens, we know how very much we simply MUST!
So technically they can both be seen as one situation as well (not supposed to do this but do that, do this and not that) but I believe they are indeed very different and require different kinds of will power.
In my personal experience the later is the harder, because failing not only leaves us with the shouldn’t haves and nerve wracking guilt, but a sense of actually FAILING. It leaves us feeling less than we are, less than me deserve to. Thus, this post will be dedicated to the second category (maybe we could cover the first some other time?)
How do we tackle these kind of will power (read lacking) situations?
To understand that, let us look at how we land in these perishable predicaments.
It is undoubtedly a process. The moment we, for whatever reasons, actually tell ourselves ‘HEY! NO MORE doing that okay?! Its just not the right and healthy and sensible thing. It’s what you did last time that made you a temporary psycho and what you keep clearly seeing that your best friend is doing wrong. You are NOT doing that!’, it is precisely then and only then that will power realizes she has an enemy, let’s call her anti will power, and goes on defence mode.
And we all know nothing good ever comes from defence mode!
When we bring in this enemy everything changes. Until then, willie was just goin about doing her taing, battling everyday demons and all that but when anti willie was brought into the picture, she began spending more time defending herself than doing any real fighting of her own.
That is where we have to pause. Don’t give orders. Just let willie do her daily work the way she knows best. She knows best. Trust her.
Next time you feel an ‘I need more will power’ situation on the rise, STOP, before the anti willie is formed, do ten other things that make you happy and keep you busy, and just bid the day adieu. The next day will be smoother, and the next even more so. We don’t like taking orders, neither does our mind.
Wish you all a firm willed fortnight!


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