Photo of the week – 6


Can’t believe its photo of the week time already!
So! This week’s photo is unlike the previous, a staged shot. However, I believe it captures a lot of what matters to me.
Around six months ago, my close friend and I began our paper art business, we had a lot of inspiration going on about the time and thought we owed ourselves so much, to say the least.
After weeks of delay and intensive crafting, we told our friends about it the day before graduation and were off to a happy start for the first few weeks with atleast a few weekly projects, even had our super talented bud design our business cards!
However, time came when I had to leave the city and a couple of weeks before, I had a rather heavy falling out with my partner (personal reasons ofcourse!).
We said our goodbyes and I left, only to find out that fate had something extremely different in store for me, and within a week I was back and within another couple of weeks we were friends again (I am not really the kinds who constantly have petty fallouts with ma amis and patch matters in a few weeks, hence this was rather a massive turn of fate!).
Anyhow, we spoke of re launching ourselves and beginning to continue regularly but due to her busy college schedule this was hardly likely.
At any rate, last month we got our cards printed and decided to remain open to business, although not actively promoting ourselves. Needless to say, at any chance both of us harp on a two minute speech on our work with absolutely anyone we can! :p
We have had a little good fortune this week that’s kept me snipping and pasting and realizing, Ribbon Ribbon has truly been a huge saving grace upon my forlorn spirit over the past half year, and I am grateful for her in so many ways! 🙂


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