Good Faith, 11th December

I know I’ve been really lagging on my good faith columns but it’s been a whirlwind month and I haven’t been able to get much writing done!
This one is for my best friend, who said something worth sharing to me today.
While discussing a certain something(one) she told me that I was overthinking things just because they weren’t conventional.
And how true that was.
Which got me to thinking about all we race of loonies overthink because of it simply being a trifle too noveau. Being different.
I’ve had to deal with being different in many walks of life, and not a good different, naturally, nothing too different can be good.
But I think I have enjoyed it thoroughly, defining every single grain on my own terms.
Relations, education, career, recreation, religion, friendships, family, acceptance, forgiveness, tolerance, justice, the universe.
It’s always emboldened me that my path isn’t wrong, that there are no wrong paths.
I like being what comes to me. Why question it? Why change it?
I live an extremely content life, if that’s unconventional, I am grateful for my natural quirks that has made me me.
Make your own paths. Always.


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