A very happy, cold, clear, crisp and beautiful morn to you’ll!
My city feels pretty dreamy today, how’s yours doing?
Every day I thank God that I am where I am. I would rather be nowhere else today and this is yet another my cup runneth over post.
Winter generally feels like Christmas, but this unlucky Thirteen has made Christmas seem winter, which is funny as where I live there usually isn’t much of the shivering and freezing winter cold.
But this year I haven’t been able to make it to that freezing desert I’ve always called home but ta-da, the winds have blown to where I live, and ironic as may be, I couldn’t feel warmer wrapped in the air that seems to open most peoples sweater wardrobes.
Winter came for me.
And I shan’t cease smiling, that much I owe her!
Happy Friday the 13th loves!


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