Hullo, 2014!

Happy happy 2014 of a marvel y’all!!

Did it take that 365 forever or what?!

Well! It did for me.

If there ought have been something like a bad year, let it be said my fear of the unlucky thirteen was not so irrational after all!

Two schools, one job, one potential dream job’s thirty day wait (only to be crushed ofcourse!), multiple heart breaks, potential true love that can never be, fallouts with two best friends, losing residence to home and hence my first christmas away from family, endless spiritual battles, succumbing to newfound addictions and the greatest of them all, realizing that I never quite understood a single relation clearly in my twenty one years.

But it hasn’t been all bad. I graduated undergrad, began my own little business, grew closer to the friends who matter, finally began to develop a relation with my mom, started a small compassion project, found God all over again, grew stronger than I dared imagine and my absolute favorite part, this blog, ofcourse!!

I can’t say the year has been bittersweet. It has in all honesty mostly been bitter. But it imbued in me something sacrosanct, positivity and goodness, and naturally a story to tell someday!

Thankyou, all my readers, I couldn’t have made it through a lot of this without you’ll.

And to everyone who has been a part of my year in being or simply thoughts, I wish us each the best.

Happy 2014 loves! I think I shall like this one. 🙂


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