Hello y’all!

I know this is long overdue but here goes anyway.

So over the past month odd, I’ve been thinking about the blog and the columns I want to maintain and those I want to add. At first I thought I should go on a kind of sabbatical-ish break for a couple of months till I can really figure out what I want to do, hence the very silent weeks bygone. However, I soon decided against that.

Good faith, remains. Hoorah! (sorry, that is just my favourite column and I can never do away with it!).

Photo of the week, I am still uncertain. With the 100 happy days project and my regular blogging photos, it has been such a challenge to differentiate the whole entire ton. So until the 100 happy days project is over, it won’t be a regular column, however I will post the odd photo now and again when I have too many things of immaculate shine around me.

The social media post (which never really took off anyhow besides a single post) is officially down, what can I say, some things just don’t pan out how you wish!

Once in a couple of months I have decided to dedicate a section to a musician (of my choice naturally, so look forward to a lot of country, r n b, alternative rock and gospel, maybe even a little pop!).

Also, the first six months of my year are intensively dedicated to my bucket list of 2014 so brace yourselves for a lot of random nonsense (so what’s new around here, eh?) .

So alright, that’s about it for your headsup for a little sometime to come!

Wish me luck and continue reading!

So much love,



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