Girl Friends

For those of us with no romantic partner on the 14th of February (or sometimes even when we just need a change from the traditional celebrations!) , we always try to redefine what the significance of the valentines holiday stands for.

Love, sure enough, but it’s ever so often that we think of the various different tributaries this ebbs into, friendship, familial love, or perhaps, love as the huge river it is at the very beginning of it’s journey.

It is indeed a vast umbrella and we can easily find ample substitutes for the original purpose of the holiday.

I intend to spend this day alone, acknowledging that it is a beautiful day (and not a day made to loot the consumer as so many always claim!) for those who have a partner in their lives, and even a wonderful day for those who have any sort of love in their lives to celebrate, and yet, I don’t wish to make a huge deal of it this year.

However, one of my favourite bloggers recently posted about girl friends and our relations with each other, and that got me to thinking of a specific category I had surprisingly never placed my friendships into.

This is a post to explore the various facets of love between girl friends that I had read about and was compelled to excavate for myself.

Since the time I can remember, I found it extremely simple to get along with girls and those girls I spend time with generally took up well to me and there were never any issues of jealousy or petty rivalry in my life. It was always the opposite sex I had a very hard time building and maintaining friendship with!

If u ask me which ‘group’ I fell under in highschool or college, I am not entirely very certain because ofcourse it wasn’t as clear cut and stolidly defined as in chick flick movies. I never really hung out with any of the very popular girls in my grade, that is for sure, neither was I with the very smart ones, or the very eccentric girls. I was one of those people always a little lost, who always felt a tad out of sorts everywhere, trying to sway across school and find myself from within and place myself somewhere in this world. I guess in highschool terms, those like us are more or less called the invisible ones, or atleast invisible enough to not be marked on any predefined  teenage map.

But looking back, I know I always made friends with beautiful people. All my close girlfriends since the day I can remember, although very very unique and extensively unalike, were smart, talented, caring and thoughtful people. I guess it goes to show I always had an upper eye on my life, and indeed I was blessed.

However, girl friendships are not easy. It is almost as hard as maintaining a relationship if you ask me. We expect an awful lot from each other because we are generally each other’s heart and soul, day and night, and it gets hard when they seem absent from our lives, boyfriends or even guy friends, we can forgive, but when our girl friends leave us stranded in our hour of need (or the other extreme when they cling to us and seek way beyond what they offer) we find it absolutely flabbergasting!

I just wanna ask all you ladies to look upon the best women in your life today and let go of some of that pretentious anger and undeserving grudges, as I am doing today, we are all real and a girl friend may be extremely special but she still operates on her binaries as do you and a part of loving her is accepting and respecting her for them.

Let solace, comfort, love, sisterhood, gossip, laughter, tears (but not over each other), endurance, forbearance and congeniality define your days together and let nothing allow you down another path.

Happy V day y’all! Hope you all have a wonderful day filled with love with whomsoever you decide to spend it with! !:) ❤


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  1. I adore this post!! So true!! Exactly what girls need to hear!
    Lauren Zepeda

    1. soumyaj says:

      So glad you could relate! 🙂

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