A little Bareillis

Alright so V day special, three songs that I absolutely LOVE by a very very talented artist, Sara Bareillis!

There is just something about this woman, watching her always makes me SO extremely happy, her fabulous music is simply such an added bonus! Her natural quirk is so overpowering and indestructible, you can’t help but fall in love with her!

Gonna get over you – I like this song a lot it is so fun and is such a positive feel-good look into moving on, I like how most of her music always has that feel about it with her piano rockishness. HER SMILE, don’t miss that! It’s rejuvenating! Yes I am very creepily in love with this woman.

Brave – Alright I am sure most of us who’ve sworn our ears off to the radio have definitely heard this tune often enough! Very inspirational and all that, I just like Sarah’s hair and outfit in the song! Okay really, jokes apart, I like the message of the song, its uninhibited and well, brave! I don’t think it does much good to a naturally disastrously outspoken lady like myself, but it’s still comforting to know that it (probably) comes from a good place, and I could think of a whole lot of people who could really use a little more of this!

King of Anything- THIS is the song that marked this woman on my top ten favourite female singers list around four years ago! I think it’s catchy, funny, wonderfully underplayed and the lyrics are excellent! P.S. DO NOT miss my favourite part at the end of the video when she sings ‘Lemme hold your crown, babe’! SO priceless!

Here’s to a superb lady artist, there should be more like this one!


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