Fan-Flower Decor


I’ve been fascinated with fan-flower decor from months now and finally got down to making them today!
Reasons you gotta love them:
1. They are SO easy to make.
2. They could function for elegant as well as more fun decor.
3. Their possible uses if made of the right material/size are too numerous (decor, ribbon on gifts, tiny ones can be attached on sticks as cupcake tags, cocktail umbrellas (this may prove a little hard though), hairbands (I’ve actually tried this one!)..
Well, you get the drift!)

Alright this will be a picture-less short tutorial but I’ll try being clear!
You will need two papers, a thin thread, scissors and glue. You begin by folding both the papers into fans and cut the bottom and top corners in an arch. You then hold them together and tie them with the thread in the centre, then simply stick all four partitions thus achieved together!
Have a fan-filled day! (Don’t ask.)


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