My dear, lovely, slightly bored? readers,

I am writing today to tell you about a little eccentric habit I once had.

When I joined college for my undergraduate program, I had started an entirely new life in a new country with new people around me. So I suppose it was only obvious that ever so often I would think about the people I knew before and the relations I had (that were either entirely over, or gradually moving towards the same). Throw that in with an obsessive, overthinking, girly personality and an overwhelming need to constantly be writing and you get all kinds of crazy going on!

That was how I was, especially during lectures that I never paid attention to (which was almost every lecture). You know artists doodle when they’re bored (the only thing I could ever doodle was my totally lame ‘heartfly’, butterfly with a cutesy heart body -_- ) and writers, well, write.

So I wrote.

At the back pages of my notebook I wrote letters to all the people I thought about and missed. It was a silly waste of energy, wrist action and ink cause ofcourse they would never read the letters, but I found deep solace in it.

I guess by the year’s end I had about five or six such letters and the habit continued into the next two years of college as well, but into writing letters that would actually be given this time!

Anyway, I was thinking back about my silly habit and actually decided to take it a step further and make it an official and (self-published) silly habit by posting a blog-letter to someone who is on my mind and who was once in my life once in a while, in hope that perhaps someday they will happen to fall upon it in some way.

(This is also in lieu of respecting the sanity of my best friends and spare them from my constant banter over the by-gones of life. Yes, thankyou very much.)

All that being said,

Have a fantastic day y’all!




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