Burning Bridges

Today I read this article being shared a lot on facebook about what people in their twenties get wrong.

I don’t think it’s like a written in stone advice for my life or anything, but even if it were, I think I’d fare a pretty good grade on the stuff you shouldn’t be doing checklist.

However, there was one point within a point that screamed out at me and hence, ofcourse, this entry.

The last point read ‘Forgetting that Karma is a huge b*itch’, under which surprisingly enough one of the points was burning bridges with people you loved.

I am not certain if the article meant romantic partners/suitors or merely anyone you loved, but the whole thing went a long way with yours truly.

I have spent the last three years of my life, trying to burn down a lot of bridges, and I suppose succeeding beyond my wildest imagination.

In all fairness I honestly don’t regret it. I like the stance I have taken in my life and it is one to be happy and surround myself with people who truly care for me and understand me. Yet, I am someone who never can erase the essence of a person from my life, and who doesn’t even want to, because all who I burned bridges with were people who mattered enough, and if they mattered they left a mark, a memory that I hate to lose.

So I won’t lose them.

And yet sometimes when I look for something, I am not even sure what it is, but something, in them, I see I have vanished entirely from their existence. It is fair, but it hurts. So Karma is a b*tch then, eh?

I never ever would have imagined that burning bridges could be a crime, and hey, it probably isn’t provided you have the steel to go with it.

What is one to do when they have the steel, but one they allow to be degenerated at places, so the water could seep in and form a little rust?


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