To a man who I will never ever forget, happy birthday.

You induced our time together with such joy and laughter, that today, nostalgia knows no bounds as it grips my heartstrings.

You made me see the beauty of a language, and the joy it brings to study it. To hear words roll out of my mouth that feel so foreign, and yet so right.

After learning under your guidance, I always believed that it is in our souls, the core essence of all languages, and it is only a matter of unlocking this essence with a lot of love and passion. Once unlocked, its beauty engulfs you, and you remain forever in its afterglow.

There may have been many ways to show people the beauty of a language, but he did it in the most memorable manner, by making himself and all the hours spent by him, a memory so sweet, it tingles. He brought life to the room with his presence, he brought laughter into the room, he channelled positivity and petted curiosity.

As the years go by, the memory of his face blurs, the memory of his voice even more so, a rough sketch, a familiar echo with a Mauritian accent, but it’s quickly dwindling as the years go by.

It’s frightening, because I revere his memory in so many ways, I am afraid I will forget his face one day, I will forget his voice one day, I will forget the reasons we laughed and the happiness we shared. But this is a circle, and thankfully I am not the only link, my friend reminded me a few things about him today and I her, and I hope that together, seven links across this globe can keep this sweet man and his memory forever alive.


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