Good Faith, 9th March

March already! How times flies, n’est-ce pas?!

This week, I don’t have a message, but a question, a question of good faith, to be or not to be.

Second chances, the truth remains that some people deserve a few extra shots, and some simply don’t. How do we tell who makes the cut and who simply needs to be cut off?

Just saying those words brings so many flashes into my mind, of second, third and hundredth chances, of the ones that have succeeded and the ones that have plaintively failed in making these chances worth giving out. 

I have known people grab these chances with all the life left in their beings and turn around a new leaf with such fervor that you think people are created simply to give out and receive free chances (I exaggerate, obviously!) and then there are others who make you regret having ever looked back, having spend just one more precious moment of your life thinking that things could actually be different this time around.

I don’t know if we are all meant to be created with some sort of internal radar that scans out the ones worth spending time on, well, if we were I sure missed out on that queue because I have absofrekinlutely no idea who I should be trusting and who I should not. I have been wrong so many times, I would almost say no one is worth giving a second or third chance, but there have been times when I didn’t dare suspect, things changed, things bloomed and those times, though a handful, were sufficient enough to make me give any Tom, Dick and Harry another chance! 

In my opinion there is no way of saying who is capable of change, the best we can do is have faith that everyone is but understand that there are only so many who will change for us. Who are they? How can we tell? Can we tell? I don’t know my darlings! I truly have no clue!

What do you think?


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