From the chefette diaries – 1

So this summer I decided to devote some serious time to learning something something in the kitchen.
Cuisine : Italian
Dish: Piegori Casserole
Today was the first go and I am proud to say that I did rather well on this Italian delicacy! Or atleast, I think so?
It’s supposed to be a famous winter dish and I can imagine why, cooking it made my skin boil to a near melting point phew! It’s simple, gluttonous, very filling and very very Italian, so all reasons to love it!
Given below is the link to the recipe I used.
I improvised almost the entire deal ofcourse using my own kind of strange noodles, pepper, salt, milk and a LOT of oregano in the potatoes with cream and I threw in some chopped up sausages with the onions. Also, like mentioned in the recipe, I garnished the whole deal with powdered pistachio. YUM! 😀



So there you have it, my very first summer recipe! 🙂


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