What makes magic so exquisite is the wonder it creates in our beings, a sense of, for lack of trying a better word to fit the bill, WOW.

Magic is technically defined as the power of influencing the course of events by using forces unknown (I know this because I looked it up a year back when I was doing another write up involving magic!) and I know there is magic all around. Yeah, I said KNOW, not believe.

Magic is beauty and magic is happiness, and I am not saying this to substantiate an unconventional train of perspective thrust upon our normal conception of magic but I am saying it because I do believe this.

Beauty and happiness, they exist all around you, in so many millions of things that we are either blind to or immune to that we forget to take a moment to wow at it and just let our heart beat a little faster, we don’t allow ourselves to feel the magic.


That, I would say is the look of a person under the influence of magic. It is a screenshot of Carrie from the final episode of SATC when she goes with Aleksander to Paris. His daughter mocks her delight at the Eiffel tower saying it was ‘tolerable’ before and hideous of late, the same words used by his ex-wife to describe a chic café in the city, and yet there you have our lil’ Bradshaw, jumping and clapping her hands with delight at the sight of the Eiffel tower from the balcony. That’s magic.

We often become so impervious to beauty around us, to happiness within us, we don’t realize how they are actually a power that can affect us in mysterious, unknown ways. There’s magic outside, there’s magic inside, there’s magic all over!

And yet we almost never see it. We don’t have time, we don’t have patience, we have more ‘real’ things to be running after than magic and ofcourse, there are the so very many hundreds of sad things that happen that are (naturally) so much easier to focus on.

Sure, I feel you there, I do (maybe besides the don’t have time part!) but if you are here today, reading this, please take ten minutes off to believe that it’s because magic brought you here, to help you discover her, and I will be your tour guide.

Let’s leave behind the heavy luggage, we travel light. All you need is an open mind and ten minutes.

What is the weather like outside your window today, what are your surroundings like? Blazing sunshine? Freezing snow? Blooming flowers? Large concrete structures? Or so many hundred coconut trees on a tiny stretch of land? Colourful little buildings with no apparent symmetry or plan stretching across lanes and lanes? Rows and rows of similar looking houses with asbestos roofs? A garden? A dead lawn? An overgrown lawn? Well, whatever it is find beauty in it because I am telling you it exists. Not forever, just for this moment, open your heart and be in awe of something, anything about your surroundings. Feel the magic graze your heart and allow it to skip just that one beat. It’s worth skipping.

Didn’t work for you? Think of someone special in your life. Anyone. A friend, your mother, your sibling, a co-worker, a classmate, a teacher, a mentor, anyone. Ask yourself exactly why they are so special. A particular change they made? Take a moment and feel that change. Acknowledge it. Accept that your life could have been so different without them. Allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the feeling. Or are they special just because? Because they mean something to you for a reason you can never explain, a reason you will never understand, just because they are blood or just because they exist and you don’t know how to not love them? Well, you wanted it to be mysterious didn’t you? There is your magic.

Still not feeling it? Alright, let’s give it one more go.

Think of no one, nothing, but your own self. Think of your life, every person who pops in as relevant, some irrelevant ones may come into thought too, an event that changed where your life was heading in some way, an event that maybe marked some sort of transition, some sort of change, think of a transition in itself, painful, immaculate, think of a place of beauty you have seen in life, think of a song, think of a time when the song played, think of a realization you once had, a small one, now a big one, think of an old memory of laughter, and now a new one, think of once when you keeled over in gut wrenching pain and wondered if you could ever breathe the same again, think of your favourite colour, wonder why it is your favourite colour, think of a place you call home, think of your age, be aware of it very keenly for a moment, think of today, think of nothing, now think of everything.

There is magic, isn’t there?

You don’t have to feel it every day, but never forget that it’s there.



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