From the Chefette Diaries – 2

Cuisine: Indian

Dish: Dum Aloo


So today I decided to go Indian, and naturally Archana’s came to mind as my darling friend Kishore shoots for her and I have heard incessantly about the lady and her cooking over the past year!

The recipe I followed is given below.

So, what was my Dum Aloo story? Well, the story was tomato puree.

My puree wasn’t quite cooked enough and so the taste lingered on through till the end and I landed myself with a very tomato juice-ish gravy, it wasn’t too bad, but I know it could have been loads better! That and well, quantity. Turns out I cooked enough to feed like a whole bunch of people (although I only made half of what the recipe prescribes) and my mom and I were stuck at dinner staring into the so not empty dish with very worried faces.


That was when I looked at her and passed judgement, “I’ve eaten your cooking for nearly twenty two years, this summer, you owe me!”, and that was that. (It’s actually still mostly stored in the refrigerator but she knows she has to attack it with all she’s got  in the next couple days!)

I have also decided to review a food-related movie with each cooking post as a well, appetizer? Oh you know! And today’s pick is Eat, Pray, Love.

For casting Julia Roberts alone, I give the movie a 10/10! As obvious the movie is divided into three parts and three countries. The ‘eat’ part in Italy is GLORIOUS but I felt that the other two parts were wrapped up together in a hurry and didn’t have quite as much soul. It’s worth a one time watch anyway so I’d say go ahead!

So alright then, till the next time (I’m considering Mediterranean or Jewish cuisine next?),

tata loves!


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