From the Chefette Diaries – 3

Cuisine: Italian (/pasta, because I think PASTA IS A CUISINE!)

Dish: Penne Alfredo


I wasn’t planning on cooking today, and pasta was DEFINITELY not in this summers menu because I’ve cooked the Italy out of an Alfredo at least a dozen times a year ago when I lived with my sister, however the events of the day played out such that I had no option but hit the stove once again!

Well, I didn’t really use any particular recipe because pasta is totally a wing it food for me, you know, the kind of stuff you know well enough to just go with the flow? Yeah, so you my sweet, are in for a totally muddled up recipe, don’t take notes.

I know that people mostly do an Alfredo with either a cream base or flour and milk base, but I didn’t have enough cream and neither did I have flour so I mixed whatever cream I had with milk and turns out, flour is totally overrated! You DON’T need that stuff!

The flour bit was always so annoying anyhow, getting the right proportion of milk and flour to mix and for the perfect blend of thick, but not curdled or lumpy! SO MUCH PRESSURE.

If you absolutely want to be authentic, go for it! I’m telling you though, milk and cream, much easier way out, and tastes every bit as delightful!

So basically how I went about this business was by boiling a packet of penne to begin with.

For the sauce, it was all more or less a blur but I suppose it started with chopping an onion, dicing it actually, along with a couple cloves of garlic (fun fact, every time I read few cloves I always think an entire garlic is called a garlic clove! Yes, I am a disgrace in a kitchen sometimes!) and half a cup of mushrooms (or how much ever you want really, because hello, does it LOOK like I am giving astute measurements?!). You then sautee them all together in a pan with a few tablespoons of butter till the onions turn somewhat golden brown. Then you go ahead and add about three to four cups of milk and 1/3 a can of cream and keep stirring. I see people using ALL KINDS of cheese in a white sauce pasta, and honestly, so have I! Today I only had slice cheese and a small tin of cheddar lying around so I tore up a slice cheese and added a table spoon of cheddar as well. To seal the deal you toss in about a tablespoon of salt, pepper and as much oregano (or any other Italian smelling spice you like) as your heart desires!

Then, naturally, you pour it over the pasta and mix and you’re good to go (&eat)!


P.S. Those wine glasses only felt the chill of orange juice today, it was just to make me feel as though wine could have been present for the perfect occasion!


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