Drama Queen

Some people call me a drama queen.

I am not sure how much I would concede to the title being bestowed upon me, but I suppose there is some form of truth lurking behind the silhouette of that term.

I wouldn’t exactly say that I go fishing for something dramatic or emotionally turbulent, but I am smarter than saying that drama finds me. The very core of the business is that I like drama, so I never hide from it, therefore there is never much of a search! Image

Drama and I, we go way back, she is my girlfriend, my soul sister, I may pulverize her ambitiousness today but she comes around anyway because she knows that my life would be nothing without her, and so I call her kind, and so I call her thoughtful.

When she and I are together, the world is our playground, or at least, some of it is! We live on the wild side a little, we find relevance in menial things, we make mountains (some may say out of molehills even!) and we bring down the skies so we can surf the clouds away!

People think we are crazy, they say she drives me crazy, and reprove my spending too much time with her. I’m gullible, I listen to them, I tell her off.

When she’s gone, I don’t feel complete, I don’t feel whole. I feel an innate lack of substance in my soul, a lack of adrenalin in my veins, my door seems ajar as I await for her to come and close the door behind her, because she is who she is.

She seals my deals, she emboldens me, she makes me weep because sometimes I have to let it out, she makes me laugh boisterously because I can, she yells into my ears “Be ruthless you fool! You are no Ruth and want no Boaz!”, she holds me firm when she breaks it to me “Bring out your heavy artillery, this is love and you’ve gotta fight for it”, she reminds me to be garrulous because no one ever heard the silent, she tells me to feel, and when I can’t she does it for me.

Without her my life is pallid, my dreams are insipid and my feelings, well, they barely feel welcome to enter because they know without drama, they will have no voice at all.

So yeas. People may say I am a drama queen but that isn’t true. Drama is a queen, and I am glad to be one of her close friends.

P.S. You needn’t worry about calling me close-friend-of-drama or anything! Just saying.


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